Construction Project Owner Satisfaction, Quality Work are Top Priorities for Builders Association

In today’s construction industry, it’s clear that a project’s success hinges in large part on the level of skill and productivity of the manpower. At The Builders Association of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania (The Builders), its top priority is providing its members with every tool possible so that they have the most skilled, productive crews to deliver quality work for project owners.

The Builders represents more than 150 of the most reputable and successful firms in the construction industry, from Trumbull, Columbiana and Mahoning counties in Ohio, and Mercer and Lawrence counties in Pennsylvania. Members of The Builders have access to state-of-the-art education and training, unlimited manpower from apprenticeship and union labor halls, and a pool of technical, administrative and support resources. Fifteen different skill trades are represented through The Builders.

“When a member of The Builders Association works on a jobsite, project owners count on the job being done correctly and quickly,” said Kevin Reilly, Executive Vice-President of The Builders. “Owners can be confident in an unwavering commitment to quality from our members. It’s an investment in safe, smart work.”

Members of The Builders understand how to work within tight budgets and even tighter project schedules. Their crews are trained and experienced to work in occupied spaces or hectic construction areas, and they recognize that flexibility to handle changing job site conditions is a required skill. Builders members are known to go above and beyond what’s expected, in order to get the job done according to specifications. Builders members consistently rank customer satisfaction as their top priority.

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Helping a Project Owner’s Bottom Line

Among the services The Builders Association provides, members overwhelmingly rank technical and skill training as the most important. The Builders offers training programs for free to its members, especially in safety topics and OSHA. In addition to helping its members fulfill mandatory training requirements per labor agreements, the training keeps Builders member contractors ready for more work opportunities. Staying ahead of the game in training is a key benefit for union contractors, who routinely have more access to formalized instruction than their non-union competitors.

More training equals more productivity, which makes the cost-value of union construction attractive to project owners. Often, it looks as if nonunion workers help the bottom line, but because of the training union crews are mandated to complete, work is done faster and without the need for recalls or repairs. And because work is done more safely, costs associated with accidents are also reduced.

Our member contractors employ union craftsmen who have years of training and experience under their belt. And because of this breadth of training, job site needs are both anticipated and prepared for, which keeps Builders members on top of new strategies in construction. And a large pool of manpower is available in all 15 skill trades to staff projects of any size, for as long as the crew is needed. Builders members effectively implement specifications, employ new technologies and products and apply problem-solving techniques to remain productive.

The bottom line for owners is this: Trained crews equal cost savings. And no crews are better trained in the region than those who work for members of The Builders.

“It’s a new day for union construction. Our contractors have good relationships with the business representatives from the local unions, and they work together to ensure projects are staffed with the best labor available. Our contractors and union workers know that when they team to provide a superior product to project owners, everyone wins,” Reilly said. “As a result, they work with project managers and/or building owners to tailor a plan to meet the needs of that specific job.”

The Builders represents 15 building trade agreements. It provides its members with:

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We are determined to go above and beyond to get the job done right the first time, with customer satisfaction ranked as priority #1.

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