2017 Executive Committee & Officers

Jeff Mason Jeff Mason, 2017 President


Jeff Mason – Mahoning
Youngstown Tile & Terrazzo, Inc., Canfield, OH

1st Vice President

Jeff Donatelli – Mercer
Donatelli Electric, Sharpsville, PA

2nd Vice President

Sam Boak – Mahoning
Boak & Sons, Inc., Austintown, OH

3rd Vice President

Robert Donatelli – Mercer
Donatelli Electric, Sharpsville, PA


Mark Zeidenstein – Mahoning
L. Calvin Jones, Canfield, OH

Immediate Past President

Jim Santini – Columbiana
Jim Santini Builder, Inc., Washingtonville, OH

Executive Vice President

Kevin Reilly
The Builders Association of Eastern Ohio and Western PA, Vienna, Ohio


(Left to Right): Bob Donatelli – Donatelli Electric – 2017 3rd Vice President
Mark Zeidenstein – L. Calvin Jones & Co. – 2017 Secretary-Treasurer
Jim Santini – Jim Santini Builder, Inc. – 2016 Association President
Sam Boak – Boak & Sons, Inc. – 2017 2nd Vice President
Jeff Donatelli – Donatelli Electric – 2017 1st Vice President
Not Pictured: Jeff Mason – Youngstown Tile & Terrazzo Co., Inc. – 2017 Association President

Columbiana County

Lawrence County

Mahoning County

Mercer County

Trumbull County

Past Presidents

All terms expire 12/31 of the year listed.

Apprenticeship Committees

Bricklayers 8 & 43

Joe DeSalvo
Bill Kreidler
Larry Lencyk
Howard Agueda

Cement Masons & Plasterers 179

Howard Agueda
Roger Kreps
Bob O’Neill

Glaziers 847

Gary Fitch
Bill Casey
Howard Agueda

Ironworkers 207

Rob Campbell
Jerry Harper
Howard Agueda
Bob Smith

Laborers 125 & 935

Joe DeSalvo
Larry Lencyk
Dan Terreri
Howard Agueda

Painters Local 476

Bob Daloise
Joe Joseph
John Handerhan

Roofers Local 71

Sam Boak
Rich Yocum
Howard Agueda
Randy Giangiuli

Sheet Metal Workers 33

Mike Fagert
Ron Fagert
Kevin Reilly