St. John

Customer Bill of Rights

Partner with The Builders and get access to a set of promises that every member of The Builders stand behind. We present this Customer Bill of Rights to you as a sign of our commitment to your business:

When you work with The Builders, you have the right to:

Highly skilled professionals: Contractors from The Builders employ only union craftsmen, all of whom have the training and skill-enhancement programs available only to the organized labor industry.

Unlimited manpower: Apprenticeship centers and union halls exist with the primary responsibility of keeping union contractors staffed with the best available workforce in the region.

Specialty manpower: If your project requires a specialist, The Builders will get their workforce the training they need to meet your needs.

A safe worksite: Comprehensive OSHA, safety and first aid training is a mandatory skill for our members. This committed is transferred to your site, so that every member understands their role in keeping the worksite safe and sound. Everyday.

A meaningful partnership: Our commitment to customer service is not lip service. We know that to stay competitive in the region’s construction industry, they must create and maintain a partnership with project managers and owners that keeps jobs on time, on budget and done right the first time. No matter what that takes to accomplish.

Operating Room

A local workforce with a strong work ethic: We hire professionals with good attitudes and the personal drive to come to work on time and give a full day’s work. And because your workforce is made up of local men and women working on local projects, their hometown pride is reflected in every job they complete.

Availability: If you need crews for non-traditional work hours, or if a situation arises outside of the normal work day, The Builders will work with you to solve the problem.

Flexibility: Our goal is to keep our customers happy and profitable. If that takes a special working agreement, so be it. We’ll work with you to keep your project on track.

Productivity: The bottom line is this — partnering with The Builders ensures a productive job site. The combination of training, unlimited manpower and a cooperative attitude allows us to meet your needs for every project.