Membership Bill of Rights


When you join The Builders, you have a Bill of Rights that you can use to keep us accountable. It’s a sign of our commitment to our members. When you work with The Builders, you have the right to:

Voice your choice:

As a member of The Builders, you have the opportunity to voice your suggestions, requests and concerns during contract negotiations. Why give up control? Let your voice be heard.

Labor assistance:

In addition to contract bargaining, we have programs focusing on labor relations and dispute arbitration. We also act as a liaison for you to the building trades.

Technical resources:

The Builders office provides a plan room, engineering duplicating services, and a well-stocked resource library. And, we offer pre-job assistance.

Management support:

From EEO, MBE, and WBE guidance, a workers compensation group rating program and wage rate information to legislative activities and intra-industry relations, we’ll be there to help you with management resources.

Specialty training programs:

We offer foreman training, crime prevention seminars, hazardous communications programs, as well as safety and first aid training.

Promotions and marketing exposure:

The Builders uses every PR tool it can to promote its members, including news releases, the Internet, special events and coalition-building activities.



From regional programs and annual meetings to golf outings and informal gatherings, members have unlimited access to other members so that mutually profitable relationship are nurtured.

Individualized customer service:

Our commitment to customer service is not lip service. We will do what it takes to keep you competitive in the region’s construction industry.


If you need resources, advice or a personal meeting, We will work with you quickly and efficiently to meet your needs.


Our goal is to keep our members competitive, productive, and profitable. If you have an idea on how we can help you accomplish that, tell us. We’re flexible. We’ll work with you to keep your company humming.