Cement Masons

Cement Masons work primarily with concrete or cement products. When you walk on walkways that look like brick or stone they are most often created with concrete that has been colored and shaped to look this way. Your regular sidewalks are made with concrete. While the floors of your schools may be finished with tile or carpet, a hard, durable, and flat surface is needed underneath - concrete. Cement Masons are an integral part of the team that creates our nation's roads, highways, dams, and airport runways. Today's high-rise office buildings all have floors on concrete.

Some of the advantages of a career in the unionized concrete industry are:

WAGES – The wages in the union Concrete industry allow you the chance to raise a family with a decent standard of living. Currently, the wage rate for a skilled Cement Mason is $29.65 per hour. The Apprentice wage rate for a Cement Mason with limited experience would start out at $16.31 per hour. Depending upon your level of experience, you would be started at some wage rate between $16.31 per hour and $29.65 per hour.

HEALTH INSURANCE – While you may be healthy and in no need of health insurance today or even this year, when the day comes that you or your family become seriously ill, the union Concrete industry offers a generous health insurance plan to cover the high costs of health insurance.

PENSION BENEFITS – The union Concrete industry offers generous pension plans to provide you and your family income when you are too old to work. While that may be years away from now, it makes sense to save for the future.

TRAINING – Free apprentice training is provided so that you can become familiar with different kinds of concrete work rather than just one type of work. These additional skills will improve your chances of getting and keeping work in the Concrete industry. Even after completion of apprentice training, free upgrade training is offered to journeymen to keep your skills up-to-date.

LAYOFFS – In the event that you are laid off or the company that you are working for goes out of business, rather than abandon you, the Union will work with you to find work at another Concrete contractor.

SAFETY TRAINING – Free safety training is provided so that you perform your job as a Cement Mason while reducing the chance that you will suffer a serious injury on the job.

COLLEGE CREDIT – An innovation in the Cement Mason apprenticeship program combines apprenticeship with college study. Apprentices are “dually enrolled” in the apprentice program and receive free college credit to recognize the achievement of those who successfully complete their apprenticeship program. This is a way to expand your career options in the Concrete industry.

The Cement Masons Apprenticeship program is a three year program that includes 3600 hours of on the job training (time for which you are paid) and three 144 hour training classes (time for which you are not paid). The classes are usually held in February each year. You will receive scheduled raises in pay as you complete each year of schooling and 900 hours of work. The apprenticeship program is not a guarantee of work as the Concrete industry is very seasonal and dependent upon economic conditions. Openings for the Cement Masons Apprenticeship are advertised from time to time at this web-site.

For more information, please contact Gary Hartman at (330) 539-6050 or Gary@thebuildersonline.com