Glaziers engage in construction work cut and install all types of sizes of glass, such as plate glass of all kinds and thickness, clear and heat absorbing window glass, obscure glass, mirrors, leaded glass panels and insulating glass units. Also they fabricate and install curtain wall, aluminum entrances, store front, skylights, revolving doors. Install all types of door hardware. They fit and install plastic and porcelain panels in metal and wood frames.

Some of the advantages of becoming a Glazier include:

Career as a Glazier

WAGES – The wages in the union Glazing industry allow you the chance to raise a family with a decent standard of living. Currently, the wage rate for a skilled Glazier is $26.26 per hour. The Apprentice wage rate for a Glazier with limited experience as a Glazier would start out at $11.82 per hour. Depending upon your level of experience, you would be started at some wage rate between $11.82 per hour and $26.26 per hour.

HEALTH INSURANCE – While you may be healthy and in no need of health insurance today or even this year, when the day comes that you or your family become seriously ill, the union Glazing industry offers a generous health insurance plan to cover the high costs of health insurance.

PENSION BENEFITS – The union Glazing industry offers generous pension plans to provide you and your family income when you are too old to work. While that may be years away from now, it makes sense to save for the future.

TRAINING – Free apprentice training is provided so that you can become familiar with different kinds of work rather than just one type of work. These additional skills will improve your chances of getting and keeping work in the Glazing industry. Even after completion of apprentice training, free upgrade training is offered to journeymen to keep your skills up-to-date.

LAYOFFS – In the event that you are laid off or the company that you are working for goes out of business, rather than abandon you, the Union will work with you to find work at another Glazing contractor.

SAFETY TRAINING – Free safety training is provided so that you perform your job as a Glazier while reducing the chance that you will suffer a serious injury on the job.

Glaziers work both indoors and outdoors depending on the job. Window fabricating and some installations are done indoors; however, glaziers do much of their work outdoors or in unheated areas. Glaziers to a great deal of standing, lifting and carrying with some work at heights.

The Glaziers JAC is an "intent to hire" program. This means that you will have to be accepted onto a job by a contractor before you are accepted into the apprenticeship program. 

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