2011 Construction Estimating Competition Announced

The Builders Association of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania (The Builders) is hosting the 2011 construction estimating competition on Friday, March 4, 2011. The event will test the skills of civil and construction engineering, and civil and construction engineering technology students from Youngstown State University.

The all-day event will pit teams of students against each other, with each group having a faculty advisor and a mentor from the regional construction community to work with them for a few weeks prior to the competition. On the actual day of the event, students will be on their own to create their team's bid.

The featured project will be an actual job that was awarded to - and built by - a member of The Builders Each team will get a set of plans and specifications, a partially complete bid worksheet, labor costs, and unit costs. Teams must present a written, complete estimate, including take-offs, pricing, quote sheets, etc. Teams will have a 20-minute bid defense discussion with judges (Builders members and construction executives)

The idea for the event is student-driven. Each year, The Builders awards scholarships to YSU students who are studying for a career in construction. It was the request of these students who asked to work on an actual building project. 

"Our goal is to help the students gain real world experience,"said Kevin Reilly, Executive Vice-President of The Builders. "The projects and problems are designed so that the teams will be required to make assumptions and put their education and construction experience to the test."

Date: Friday, March 4, 2011

8 a.m. - Distribution of materials
9 a.m. - "Pre-Bid" meeting with all teams in attendance
9:30 a.m. - Individual team bid creation begins (each team goes to a sequestered room)
2:30 p.m. - Bids due
3 p.m. - Team interviews with judges
5:15 p.m. - Dinner and winner announced

Place: YSU College of Education, Room 2400 (Dinner in the Gallery Room at Kilcawley Center)

Noteworthy Rule: While working on the bids, no cell phones or computers will be allowed, to deter outside help

Craig Fauvie, Jack Gibson Construction
Jim Bayer, DeSalvo Construction Company
Dave Wendell and Paul Johnson, Adolph Johnson & Son
Joe Sanson, Youngstown State University

Ed Van Dusen, Van Dusen Construction Company
Dan Terreri, Daniel A. Terreri & Sons, Inc.
Ken Black, Connell, Inc.
Carol Lamb, Youngstown State University

Media Contact: Michelle Merlo, 412-475-0425,