Bricklayers reach out to assist YouthBuild
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Bricklayers reach out to assist YouthBuild

Members of the regional construction community recently spent two days helping the local community outreach program, YouthBuild, in a Youngstown-based project.

Apprentices and journeymen from Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 8 helped to lay a foundation for a house to be built at the corner of Ford and Lexington Avenues. The purpose of the project was to give bricklayer apprentices on-the-job experience, while at the same time assisting YouthBuild’s participants in helping to learn about homebuilding.

This is the first time the bricklayers, with support from the Ohio Administrative District Council (OADC) training center, partnered with YouthBuild in such a project. “It was a positive experience for us,” said Local 8 Field Agent Dennis Hageman. “We’re very happy with the outcome and we are glad to have the opportunity to help the local community.”