A coalition has been formed, Ohioans to Protect Jobs and Fair Benefits, to oppose government mandated paid sick leave.

The campaign working to defeat the proposal that would require government mandated paid sick leave is working tirelessly to educate businesses on this issue by having them sign up for more information at their website††. By signing, you will be affirming your opposition to the government-mandated paid sick leave proposal that will likely be on the ballot this November.

Government-mandated paid sick leave is a job-killer:

Requiring employers to add paid sick leave is a threat to pay, benefits and jobs.†The proposed mandate imposes significant added costs on employers, who will be forced to make up the difference somewhere, including reductions in other benefits, pay and even jobs.

Even employers who already offer paid sick leave will be seriously penalized by this proposal.†This proposal allows employees to take sick leave with little or no advance notice in increments as small as an hour or less, posing a serious threat to production, stability at process-dependent employers like assembly line manufacturers and staffing-critical operations like hospitals, nursing homes and day-care facilities.

The increased cost of paying for sick leave will result in more expensive goods and services.†While employers in the short term will need to shuffle benefit packages to pay for this mandate, the long-term result will be increased costs of goods and services.

This proposal interferes with the established relationship between employers and employees at some of the nationís most successful businesses.†Many companies now operate under long-standing policies that provide employees with good pay and benefits in exchange for work arrangements that ensure a continued high level of production. This proposal guts the employer-employee relationship and threatens the production stability achieved during years of mutual cooperation.

If you are interested in joining the coalition in opposition to the government mandated paid sick leave, visit their website: