Carpentry Placed On Display in Western PA and Eastern Ohio

United Brotherhood of Carpenter training centers in Pittsburgh, PA and Richfield, OH presented back-to-back open houses recently to showcase the union carpenter profession to prospective future apprentices and the general construction community. Both events attracted about 400 people to tour the facilities, watch current apprentices compete in a variety of skill competitions, and demonstrate various skills key to the carpenter craft.

In Pittsburgh, a doghouse-building contest was held between teams consisting of a carpenter apprentice, local contractor, and local architect. In Richfield, still more apprentice competitions took place, and participants could build birdhouses with assistance from an apprentice.

"Open houses such as the Pittsburgh and Richfield events that the carpenters hosted give our area's young adults a chance to see construction crafts up close, understand the benefits of joining a trade union, and collect the information they need to make an informed decision about their future," noted Builders Association Executive Vice-President Kevin Reilly.