Cement Masons Apprentice Graduation

The Cement Masons & Plasterers Joint Apprenticeship committee held a dinner to celebrate the graduation of 12 new Cement Masons and Plasterers from apprentices to journeyman status. The dinner was held on Saturday, September 20, 2008 at the St George Croation Center in Youngstown, OH. Jim Untch, Business Agent for Cement Masons & Plasterers Local 179 was master of ceremonies and President Joe Dilallo presented each of the new apprentices with the Certificate of Completion and a $50 gift certificate. The 12 new jouneyman are Paul Williams, Dustin Heiland, John Hillard, Brian Thomas, Eric Grunenwald, Michael Cykon, Leo Elser, Jesse Clay, Dominic Pasquerilla, Terrance Hassay, Jason Thomas, and Shawn Miller. Also in attendance were Cement Masons apprentice instructor Jason Allen and Plasterer instructor Jeff Oaks. The Builders Association congratulates these individuals on the successful completion of their apprenticeship.

Pictured are Back row: Michael Cykon, Eric Grunenwald, Jesse Clay. Front row: Josh Hillard, Sean Miller, Joe Dilallo(President), Brian Thomas, and Jim Untch (Business Agent)