Employer Required Notices Due By October 1st

A two-page notice (“Notice”) is required under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”) to be sent by employers to all employees on or before October 1, 2013.  Employers are also required to provide the notice to each new employee at the time of hiring beginning October 1, 2013.  The purpose of the notice is to inform employees about the availability of health insurance coverage through the new health insurance marketplaces. See U.S. Department of Labor Technical Release No. 2013-02.

In general, most employers with not less than $500,000 in annual dollar volume of business are required to provide the Notice to employees.  A Notice is required for each health plan in which your employees participate (i.e. non-bargaining office staff plan as well as each multi-employer union plan your company contributes to).  The Department of Labor has created a model notice for employees that participate in a health plan.  A notice is also required for employees that do not participate in a health plan.  The Department of Labor has also created a separate notice for any employees who are not part of a health plan provided by their employer.

The model notices are available by clicking on the following links:

·         Employees that participate in an employer health plan – notice w/plans

·         Employees that do not participate in an employer health plan – notice w/out plans

For your employees that participate in a multi-employer union plan, you may be receiving guidance from the plan to assist you in completing the general information about the plan portion of the notice.  

Disclaimer - This notice is not intended to be legal advice, rather for informational purposes only.  Each employer is responsible for its own actions in complying with the law.