Laborers Apprentice Graduation

The Laborers Joint Apprenticeship committee held a dinner to celebrate the graduation of 7 new Laborers from apprentices to journeyman status. The dinner was held on Saturday, July 18, 2009 at Vernon’s Cafe. Each of the new apprentices was presented with a $50 gift certificate to Waco Supply. The 7 new jouneyman are Paul Stephens, Tom Casey, Jamaes Stefanski, Corey Rowland, Angelo Morales, Lori Baumgarner, and Lorraine Tomocik. Also in attendance was John Hughes, International apprentice representative. The Builders Association congratulates these individuals on the successful completion of their apprenticeship.

Pictured are(left to right): Tom Casey, Corey Rowland, Lorraine Tomocik, and James Stefanski (missing from photo – Paul Stephens, Angelo Morales, and Lori Baumgarner)