On April 20, 2007, OSHA implemented new “Portland Cement Inspection Procedures” for OSHA compliance officers. Portland Cement contains hexavalent chrome, a known carcinogen and toxin hazardous to skin, eyes and lungs. If your company does any concrete work or masonry work you should pay close attention to this as there are citations being issued for Portland cement violations. Specifically they are targeting masonry work that has dry cutting being performed and mixing stations where the dry cement is exposing workers. Employers cannot just give respirators to employees as OSHA is looking for companies to engineer the problem out first. The simplest way to engineer the problem is to use wet methods, fans and vacuum collection systems. Compliance officers will evaluate whether proper washing and supplies, PPE, access to Material Safety Data Sheets, adequate worker training, and accurate injury and illness recordkeeping are in place. The attachment includes a document entitled “Portland Cement Checklist”and one entitled “Portland Cement Inspection Procedures”.

File: Portland Cement Checklist Packet.pdf