Study Indicates Green Buildings are Safer, Adds Years to a Structure's Life

According to an article on, studies show that not only are green buildings healthier for occupants to live and work in, but green construction can also advance building resiliency and safety. 

The study, jointly produced by the U.S. Green Building Council and the University of Michigan, outlines the fact that efficiency-focused features may help green buildings and their occupants ride-out long-term climate shifts such as droughts or heat wavers. And, green buildings can give an edge in short-term disasters by staying dry in floods and well-sealed during high winds.

 However, a green building can function only as well as the construction practices behind it. Selecting the right contractors and suppliers to staff and service a green building project is critical. To find contractors and suppliers who are well-versed in green building construction, click here. 

To read the above-referenced study, click here.