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Photo Gallery

The Builders Association broke ground recently on a new, $1.5 million, 4,000+ square-foot office building. That news, alone, is noteworthy because it is another project that will provide economic development in the region. What makes this project unique is how the structure itself will be a symbolic representation of the Association’s history, its critical role in today’’s construction community, and its commitment to the region’s future.

The structure is being built on existing Builders property — right in front of the current Builders offices and much closer to the curb along Route 193 in Vienna. On top of being economically smart, remaining on the same plot of land that The Builders have based operations from since its inception is a purposeful tribute to the Association’s successful history.

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This new office building is a $1.5 million, 4,000+ square foot facility. Architecturally, the building will be a mix of large windows, metal paneling and brick. Inside will feature open office space, conference rooms, and plenty of natural lighting and storage. The finished product will feature exposed beams, ceilings and ductwork — another strategy designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the 15 skilled trades that Association Members service.