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Member Highlight: Adolph Johnson & Son Co.

In the second half of the 19th century, Sweden–like many nations–was experiencing a dramatic economic and societal transformation. Between 1850 and 1910, a million Swedes emigrated to the United States. One of them was a young Adolph Johnson who, in 1900, decided it was time to leave his homeland in search of better opportunities. 

The Crucial Benefits of Hiring Local Commercial Contractors

If you’re just starting to price your next commercial construction project, you may notice that national contractors sometimes appear to be cheaper than local construction companies. That’s typically because national companies can leverage their size to get better rates on materials, equipment and (sometimes) labor.  However, there’s a lot more to completing a construction project […]

Member Highlight: Stevens Masonry Construction, Inc.

Stevens Masonry team members (left to right): Jakob Seman, John Decampli, Brian Forrester, Jeananne Stevens, Dylan Stevens, Edwin Stevens Construction trades run deep in the Stevens family tree. In 1938 George W. Stevens founded George W. Stevens Construction, which operated primarily as a general contracting and masonry company. His sons, George C. Stevens and Edwin […]

Benefits of The Design-Build Delivery Method in Commercial Construction

Are you taking the optimal approach to your commercial construction project? If you’re not familiar with the various delivery methods contractors utilize for construction services, you may think it’s all handled the same way—hire an architectural firm to design the project, then have contractors bid on the design. This traditional process is known as “Design-Bid-Build,” […]

Common Types of Commercial Construction Projects

It’s obvious that a commercial building’s construction process is different from residential construction for a homeowner. However, the requirements for commercial and industrial construction projects vary widely depending on the type of building being built and the intended purpose of the facility. Commercial building projects can be broken down into several categories, each with its […]

Importance of Choosing the Right Contractor For Your Commercial Construction Project

Whether you’re starting a new business, need to move to a larger warehouse, or just need to remodel your current office building, you’ll be in need of a commercial general contractor. This contractor manages your construction project: buying materials, hiring professionals, and covering liability issues. Pick the wrong contractor, and you can end up with […]