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Benefits of The Design-Build Delivery Method in Commercial Construction

Are you taking the optimal approach to your commercial construction project? If you’re not familiar with the various delivery methods contractors utilize for construction services, you may think it’s all handled the same way—hire an architectural firm to design the project, then have contractors bid on the design. This traditional process is known as “Design-Bid-Build,” […]

Common Types of Commercial Construction Projects

It’s obvious that a commercial building’s construction process is different from residential construction for a homeowner. However, the requirements for commercial and industrial construction projects vary widely depending on the type of building being built and the intended purpose of the facility. Commercial building projects can be broken down into several categories, each with its […]

Importance of Choosing the Right Contractor For Your Commercial Construction Project

Whether you’re starting a new business, need to move to a larger warehouse, or just need to remodel your current office building, you’ll be in need of a commercial general contractor. This contractor manages your construction project: buying materials, hiring professionals, and covering liability issues. Pick the wrong contractor, and you can end up with […]

The High Cost of Cutting Corners on Commercial Construction Projects

When business owners get bids for commercial renovation projects or new construction, budget is almost always a major concern. And, while most responsible business people will look to save money when it’s practical, there is a right way and wrong way to approach potential cost savings. The decisions you make upfront will have a huge […]

Lowest Bid vs. Best Bid: Comparing Commercial Contractor Bids

Like most things in life, when it comes to your commercial construction project, you generally get what you pay for. While you may be tempted to jump at the lowest bid for your project, doing so can result in hidden costs, such as delays and mistakes that can drastically affect the final pricing. However, you […]

Common Causes of Delays in Commercial Construction Projects and How to Avoid Them

When it comes to commercial projects, time is usually of the essence. Completing the project in a timely manner can be critical to the organization that has commissioned it, and construction delays can have a major impact on operations and profitability.  Potential project delays can stem from a wide variety of root causes, and if […]

How To Choose The Right General Contractor For Your Commercial Project

If you’ve ever been involved with a commercial construction project, you can probably appreciate the important role of a commercial general contractor. Whether you’re renovating an office building or planning a new construction facility, the right contractor can make all the difference. → Download Our Directory & Buyers Guide to Find Find Architects, Engineers, Associations, […]