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Hiring a general contractor for a commercial construction project can be a difficult decision, and should require extensive research on the companies you are considering. A great way to gain more information is to simply ask questions when you make your initial inquiry. But what questions should you ask to help determine which company is right for your project? Here are a few specific questions you can ask a general contractor before making that decision.

Have You Worked On Similar Projects?

Perhaps the most important question you can ask your general contractor is regarding their experience with the specific project you are hiring them for. It is important to hire a contractor that has done jobs like yours in the past, so that you know their experience and knowledge will lead to the finished product you need.

What Subcontractors Do You Utilize?

General contractors will often work with numerous subcontractors to assist in completing various projects. It is important to know who the subcontractors are, and that they also have experience with projects similar to yours. You should also know if the company chooses to use project managers instead of subcontractors.

What Is The Timeline On This Project?

You want your project done in a timely manner, and have an idea of what the deadline should be. It is important to speak to your contractor about how long, on average, this type of project takes for them to finish, and what a realistic deadline is.

When asking this question, it may also be beneficial to inquire about payment timelines. It is important to know when you are expected to make payments, and ensure everything is staying on schedule.

What Is A Realistic Start Date?

General contractors can have multiple projects occurring at any point in time, so you should ask what a realistic start date is. This will also allow you to make accommodations for your employees, should the project impede on their workspace.

Doing your due diligence, researching, and asking questions is a great way to ensure that your commercial construction project is completed in a timely and efficient manner, while maintaining its quality. You should know as much about the company you are planning to work with before hiring them, and simply asking questions is a great place to start.

The Builders Association is home to numerous trustworthy, experienced, and professional general contractors that you can consider for your next project. Find the contractor you are looking for and start building with the best!