public project constructed by members of the builders association- youngstown public library

Every Builders Association member takes great pride in their knowledge and experience, and completes every project within their clients’ timeframe and budget. Our members have handled numerous public construction projects, making them the go-to source for any major city construction that needs completed. Below are some public construction areas that our members are familiar with and can assist in.

Commercial Buildings and Office Spaces

From business offices to retail stores, our members have the experience and capability to handle any large or small scale building construction. The proof can be found right here at the Builders Association own office space. Several Builders assisted with the project, bringing to life our own office space.

Industrial Facilities

Our members have the ability to assist with facilities such as factories and large warehouses. While these projects often encompass multiple types of contractors, you will have no trouble finding what you need in our member roster. Whether it be siding, steel erection, window and glass, roofing, or anything in-between, our members will effectively and safely complete your industrial project.

Roads, Bridges, and Infrastructure

Operating primarily in Ohio and Pennsylvania, it is quite common for our members to handle work on roads, bridges, and more types of infrastructure projects. With members specializing in concrete, asphalt, and paving, we are equipped to handle work on any road.

Parks and Educational Facilities

Lastly, our members have experience with public parks and educational landmarks. As seen with our work on the Shuba-Robinson Memorial Statue, several of our members have the capability to erect parks and landmarks that suit your needs.

The Builders Association is home to several commercial construction companies that are equipped to handle any public project for your city or township. Contact us today at (330)-539-6050, or visit our membership page to find the right contractor for your project.