Overhead view of active construction site work to redevelop Southern Park Mall.

The Southern Park Mall in Boardman, Ohio has been a staple in the Youngstown community for decades. Over the past several years, the retail landscape has changed, and the Washington Prime Group decided it was time that the Southern Park Mall grew as well. Read more

Statue Of George Shuba and Jackie Robinson in Youngstown, Ohio.

Several members of the Builders Association of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania were involved in the preparation and construction of the George Shuba and Jackie Robinson commemorative statue site, which celebrates the historic handshake between baseball teammates. 

Youngstown native George Shuba extended his hand to congratulate Robinson as Robinson crossed home plate following a 3-run homer, officially shattering the color barrier in Major League Baseball.

To honor this historic event and its local ties, donors raised $400,000 for the statue’s construction, which was sculpted by Marc Mellon, a Connecticut-based artist. Donations ranged from ten dollars to $175,000 from a charitable foundation in Oregon.  Read more

Overhead view of active construction site work to redevelop Southern Park Mall.

It’s no secret that the landscape of retail shopping in America and across the globe has been changing rapidly in recent years. Across the country, shopping centers, strip malls, traditional malls, and standalone retail spaces alike have all faced challenges in maintaining relevance, foot traffic and profitability. For these reasons, the Columbus-based Washington Prime Group – owner of the Southern Park Mall – knew it was time to look to the future and come up with a strategy to meet the challenge of the times. Read more

Youngstown State University Excellence Training Center.

As the landscape of manufacturing evolves, so must the workforce of the Mahoning Valley. 

“When this part of the world began to be developed, it was an agricultural center, then it became an industrial center, then…the internal combustion engine, GM, and the supply chain around it became a big part of our manufacturing,” says Jim Tressel, president of Youngstown State University. 

Now Youngstown State University is making big strides to help position the Valley at the forefront of advanced manufacturing with its new technological and industrial training facility–the YSU Excellence Training Center. Read more

Exterior view of the new headquarters of the Builders Association of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

In 2018, after operating from their former headquarters for nearly 50 years, The Builders Association of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania knew it was time to make a decision about the future of the facility. It had already undergone several renovations over the decades, and the organization needed to modernize.

After considering the idea of selling the existing property and purchasing a new building, the conversation turned to the option of tapping into the expertise of the organization’s membership to construct a new building. Read more