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Castle Builders Supply Inc.

Contact: James R. Carna
Work 1409 Moravia St. New Castle PA 16105 Work Phone: 724-658-5656 Work Fax: 724-658-5659
Categories: Aggregates, Building Materials & Specialty Suppliers, Concrete – Block, Concrete – Ready Mix, Fill Materials – Dirt, Glass Block & Prefabricated Glass Block Panels, Gravel & Slag, Loam, Masonry Supplies, Sand, Wholesale Building Supply Distributors

Century Fournier, Inc.

Contact: William M. Petro
Work 4300 Simon Road Youngstown OH 44512 Work Phone: 330-783-0444 Work Fax: 330-783-9710 Website:
Categories: Aerial Work Platforms, Bridge-Crane Contractors, Etc., Loading Dock Equipment Contractors, Lockers, Materials Handling Equipment, Personnel, Pole, Prefabricated Buildings – Metal, Scaffolding, Steel, Toilet Partitions, Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (Platform Lifts)

Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman

Contact: James McNally
Work 525 William Penn Place, Suite 3005 Pittsburgh PA 15219 United States Work Phone: 412-434-5530 Work Fax: 412-774-2662 Website: Additional Contacts:

Lori Wisniewski Azzara Email: [email protected]
Brian Lawton Email:[email protected]

Categories: Aerial Work Platforms, Bridge-Crane Contractors, Etc., Loading Dock Equipment Contractors, Lockers, Materials Handling Equipment, Personnel, Pole, Prefabricated Buildings – Metal, Scaffolding, Steel, Toilet Partitions, Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (Platform Lifts)

Combine Construction, Inc.

Contact: John J. Combine, Jr.
Work P.O. Box 668 Sharon PA 16146 Work Phone: 724-346-1132 Work Fax: 724-346-2320 Website:
Categories: Concrete Contractors, General Contractors – Commercial & Industrial

Connell, Inc.

Contact: Jerry Harper
Work 2939 Youngstown Hubbard Rd Youngstown OH 44505 Work Phone: 330-743-2433 Work Fax: 330-743-2204
Categories: Steel


D & G Mechanical, Inc

Contact: Rodney Giangiuli
Work P.O. Box 231 254 Wet Track Road West Middlesex PA 16159 Work Phone: 724-528-1133 Work Fax: 724-528-0321 Website:
Categories: Air Conditioning & Heating Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, Sheet Metal Contractors

D. W. Dickey & Son, Inc.

Contact: Nicole Dickey
Work P.O. Box 189 Lisbon OH 44432 Work Phone: 330-424-1441 Work Fax: 330-424-1481 Website:
Categories: Concrete

Danessa Construction LLC

Contact: Vince Gatta
Work 620 Sophia Ct Niles OH 44446 Work Phone: 330-219-1212 Additional Contacts:

Sam Gatta Email: [email protected]

Categories: Carpentor

Daniel A. Terreri & Sons, Inc.

Contact: Daniel J. Terreri
Work 1091 N Meridian Road Youngstown OH 44509 Work Phone: 330-538-2950 Work Fax: 330-538-2433
Categories: Asbestos Contractors, Concrete Contractors, Demolition Contractors, General Contractors – Commercial & Industrial

De-Cal, Inc

Contact: Paul Spalding
Work 8392 Tod Avenue, Suite 1 Boardman OH 44512 Work Phone: 330-727-5471 Work Fax: 330-272-0027 Additional Contacts:

Lisa Colia Email: [email protected]

Categories: Air Conditioning & Heating Contractors, Air Conditioning Equipment, Backflow Preventer Tester & Installer, Dust Collection Systems – Installation, Heating Equipment, Light Structural Steel, Mechanical Contractors, Plumbing & Pipefitting Contractors – Commercial / Industrial, Sheet Metal Contractors, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Steel Erector Contractors, Ventilation Equipment

DeSalvo Construction Co., Inc.

Contact: Joseph K. DeSalvo
Work 1491 West Liberty Hubbard OH 44425 United States Work Phone: 330-759-8145 Work Fax: 330-759-7275 Additional Contacts:

Joseph A. DeSalvo Email: [email protected]
Sandra Algoe Email: [email protected]
Jim Bayer Email: [email protected]
Laura Merrifield Email: [email protected]
Kyle Citino Email: [email protected]
Jo-Lynn Campbell Email: [email protected]

Categories: Acoustical Contractors, Building Cleaning (Power Washing – Caulking) & Restoration Contractors, Concrete Contractors, Concrete Demolition, Construction Management Consultants, Design – Build Contractors, Drywall Contractors & Finishers, E.I.F.S./Dryvit Applicators, Foundation Contractors, General Contractors – Commercial & Industrial, Industrial Equipment Setting, Light Structural Steel, Masonry Contractors, Masonry Restoration, Metal Buildings

Diamond Steel Construction Co. Inc.

Contact: David L. Collins
Work PO Box 156 North Lima OH 44425 United States Work Phone: 330-549-5500 Work Fax: 330-549-5501 Website: Additional Contacts:

Jonathon Collins Email: [email protected]
Ryan McBride Email: [email protected]

Categories: Boom Trucks, Bridge-Crane Contractors, Construction Equipment Rental, Crane Service, Etc., Heavy Welding, Industrial & Rough Terrain Forklifts, Industrial Equipment Setting, Installation & Precision Alignment of Steel Processing Equipment, Light Structural Steel, Metal Buildings, Pole, Prefabricated Buildings – Metal, Steel, Steel Erector Contractors

Dickey Electric, Inc.

Contact: Eric D. Carlson
Work P.O. Box 158 180 W. South Range Rd. North Lima OH 44452-0158 United States Work Phone: 330-549-3976 Work Fax: 330-549-0324 Additional Contacts:

David A. Dickey Email: [email protected]
Joseph H. Dickey Jr. Email: [email protected]
Dave Wright Email: [email protected]

Categories: CCTV Systems, Design – Build Contractors, Electrical, Electrical Contractors, Engineers – Consulting, Fire Protection/Fireproofing, Security – Fire Alarm Systems, Surveying & Testing, Temperature Control Contractors

Donatelli Electric

Contact: Robert A. Donatelli
Work P O BOX 187 155 Canal Street Sharpsville PA 16150 Work Phone: 724-962-0259 Work Fax: 724-962-5852 Additional Contacts:

Jeffrey C. Donatelli Email: [email protected]

Categories: Electrical Contractors


E & G Development

Contact: Gale E. Measel, Jr.
Work 3001 Wilmington Road New Castle PA 16105 Work Phone: 724-652-1372 Work Fax: 724-652-4121 Website: Additional Contacts:

Geoff Measel Email: [email protected]

Categories: Acoustical Contractors, Concrete Contractors, Construction Managers – “CM”, Demolition Contractors, Design – Build Contractors, Drywall Contractors & Finishers, Excavation Contractors, General Contractors – Commercial & Industrial

East Coast Risk Management, LLC

Contact: Darin Ernst
Work 7562 State Route 30 North Huntingdon PA 15642-7518 Work Phone: 724-864-8745 Work Fax: 724-864-9265
Categories: Risk Management

Ellyson Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Contact: Frank Yoder
Work 411 W. State Street Salem OH 44460 United States Work Phone: 330-337-8795 Work Fax: 330-337-0556
Categories: Heating Equipment, Hydronic Heating, Mechanical Contractors, Plumbing & Pipefitting Contractors – Commercial / Industrial

Enertech Electrical, Inc.

Contact: John Donofrio, Jr.
Work 101 Youngstown Lowellville Rd Lowellville OH 44436 Work Phone: 330-536-2131 Work Fax: 330-536-8889 Website:
Categories: Electrical Contractors, Security – Fire Alarm Systems


Farmers National Bank

Contact: Breen Bannon
Work 42 McClurg Road, Suite B Youngstown OH 44512 Work Phone: 330-747-1571 Work Fax: 330-629-8026
Categories: Financial Institutions

Federal Iron Works Co.

Contact: Edward M. Sferra
Work P.O. Box 150 Columbiana OH 44408 Work Phone: 330-482-5910 Work Fax: 330-482-5911
Categories: Aluminum Products and Installation, Fencing, Light Structural Steel, Metal Products, Ornamental Metal Work, Steel Fabricators & Suppliers
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Ohio & Pennsylvania Contractor Directory

The Builders’ Directory is an extremely simple, easy-to-use guide to the most reputable firms in all phases of the construction industry in Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana Counties in Ohio and Lawrence and Mercer Counties in Pennsylvania.

Through our simple guide, you’ll be able to find a list of several fields of local contractors in the field, including general contractors, roofing contractors, electricians, HVAC and much more. You’ll be able to search and find the services you need by industry, where you’ll find all members listed by company name with contact information.

Additional Resources

Aside from our directory listing members of The Builders Association of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania alongside a classified listing of contractor services, our helpful directory contains other pertinent information on the construction industry. Through the use of our guide, you can contact a myriad of additional resources.

– Apprenticeship Programs
– Architects, Engineers
– Association Services
– Building Trade Unions, Officials
– Construction Agencies, Associations

Every effort has been made to be as accurate as possible from information furnished by members, other organizations and individuals. Whether you’re looking to join an apprenticeship, looking for help in the design process of your build or looking to have your firm join a union, we can help. The Builders Association is the authority in the area for help in the construction industry.

With our Membership Directory, you have at your fingertips the names, addresses, e-mail addresses, website, telephone and FAX numbers of firms you can count on for the best in construction, methods, materials and services.