Our region’s future in construction went head-to-head in the 10th Annual Builders Association Construction Estimating Competition.

Months of mentoring and practice paid off on Friday, March 22, when 18 Youngstown State University civil and construction engineering technology students demonstrated what they’ve learned about their industry in school and from their industry mentors. Three teams will create a real-life construction bid submission for an actual building project that was built by a member of The Builders.


Materials were distributed at 8 a.m. and a pre-bid meeting at 9 a.m. kicked off the day. Each team analyzed plans and specs, a partially complete bid worksheet, labor costs and unit costs, and then created a complete written estimate. The packet included items such as takeoffs, pricing, and quote sheets, and was submitted by 3 p.m.


A judging panel of Builders Association Members  interviewed each team and reviewed bids. The team that most accurately completed the entire bid as compared to the real-life bid was declared the 2019 Competition Champions. This year’s judges are:

 ·      Dan Terreri, Daniel A. Terreri & Sons

·      Jim Santini, Jim Santini Builder, Inc.

·       Chris White, Boak & Sons, Inc.

·       Craig Fauvie, ms consultants, inc.




    Mentors, all of whom are members of The Builders Association, have spent many hours with their team to prepare them for the competition. They are:

    ·      Jim Bayer, DeSalvo Construction Co., Inc.

    ·      Jason Gibson, Jack Gibson Construction Company

    2018 winner

    ·      Ed Stevens, Stevens Masonry Construction, Inc.

    ·      Chris White, Boak & Sons, Inc.

    ·      Joe DeSalvo, DeSalvo Construction Co., Inc.

    ·      Kyle Leonard, Imperial Glazing Concepts, Inc.

    ·      Craig Fauvie, ms consultants, inc.

    ·      Tom Elliot, International Masonry Institute

    ·      Ryan Hively, Hively Construction Company, Inc.

    Student participants are:

    Team 1:

    Jr. Stephen Brown, Youngstown, OH

    Sr. Maria Katsadas, Poland, OH

    Sr. Jarius Pettis, Youngstown, OH

    Sr. Areli Davis, Youngstown, OH

    Sr. Mark Gotham, Youngstown, OH

    Jr. Krystal Costar, Cleveland, OH

    Team 2:

    Sr. Hope Hrabowy, Youngstown, OH

    Jr. Johnah Hrabowy, Hubbard, OH

    Sr. Joseph Strait, North Jackson, OH

    Jr. Zak Nunisto, Kingsville, OH

    Sr. D’Angelo Rayford, Haymarket, OH

    Jr. Brett Pontius, Struthers, OH

    Team 3: 10th annual Winner

    Sr. Alan Slavic, Struthers, OH

    Sr. James Garnet, Girard, OH

    Sr. Jake Dawson, Canfield, OH

    So. Carmen Furillo, Brookfield, OH

    Jr. Jordan Cravener, Verona, OH

    Sr. Darko Jurkovic, Allison Park, Pa

    Each year, The Builders awards scholarships to YSU students who are studying for a career in construction. At the 2008 award ceremony, scholarship recipients expressed a desire to work on an actual building project, and The Builders created the event in response to the request.