Frequently Asked Questions


How does my company become a member?

Membership works via the membership application form. Fill out the registration information and we will review and be in contact with you.

What are the benefits of joining The Builders?

The benefits of joining The Builders Association include our membership directory where potential leads can find your contact information and directly request quotes. The benefits also include training and resources that help the construction industry prosper. Furthermore, we also provide networking opportunities with other members to expand you and your company’s reach.

Membership Directory

What is the purpose of the membership directory?

The purpose of the membership directory is for leads in need of construction contractors can easily find contact information and directly request a quote.

How to use the membership directory?

Navigate to our membership directory in the top menu, and select the type of contractor you need. You will see our contractors listed and from there can read a short bio about the company, contact them using the provided contact information, or request a quote.


What are the benefits of using The Builders Association members for your commercial construction project?

The benefits of using members of The Builders Association for your commercial construction projects include supporting the community, local economic benefits, and benefits on cost due to easier access to tools and equipment and low traveling fees. 

What are the benefits of using The Builders Association members for your commercial construction to business owners?

The benefit of using members of The Builders Association for commercial construction projects to a local business owner is increased efficiency with an updated facility. Additionally, local contractors make donations to support local causes, employ community members and utilize local suppliers. All of which help to stimulate the prosperity of our area.

What kind of construction contractors are needed for most commercial construction projects?

Commercial construction contractors that are necessary for commercial construction projects include engineers like civil and structural engineers, as well as foundation layers, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) contractors, roofers, and drywallers. There are additional necessary contractors, and depending on the specific project, you may need additional contractors. Regardless, utilizing our membership directory you can find needed commercial contractors you can trust to deliver quality construction work. 

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