In today’s construction industry, a project’s success hinges in large part on the level of skill and productivity of the manpower  – which is why building trade unions like The Builders Association are so important! We represent 15 skilled trade agreements within the commercial and industrial construction industry and work to deliver the most reputable, qualified manpower in northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Our member companies have access to state-of-the-art education and training, unlimited manpower from apprenticeship and union labor halls, and a pool of technical, administrative and support resources.


The Builders Association’s top priority is providing its members with every tool possible so that they have the most skilled, productive crews to deliver quality work for project owners. We are the go-to resource for commercial and industrial businesses seeking the most qualified services for their project. See what sets our members apart!


Our reputation as a trusted building trade union is directly related to the quality of our member organizations. When you utilize services through The Builders, you know your job will be done according to expectations and specifications.


Training and continued education result in better productivity, making the cost-value of union construction beneficial to project owners. Our members have access to free training programs and continuing education for skilled journeymen.


Union workers are career men and women with an extensive background in their respective fields. Their training and experience results in jobs that are done quicker, safer and without the need for recalls or repair. Trained crews equal cost savings!


Our apprenticeship programs train workers to become highly-skilled career men and women through a debt-free, technologically-advanced education. These earn-as-you-learn programs pay sustainable wages from the onset and supply our region (and country) with the best workers to build roads, bridges, industrial facilities, schools, and water and energy systems and more. Training periods range from three to six years and include a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job training.


Builders Executive Committee Meeting

Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at 2:30 pm

Sheet Metal JATC Committee Meeting

Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 4:00 pm @ The Union Hall

Painting & Decorating Contractors Chapter Meeting

Friday, December 11, 2020 at 5:30 pm @ Michael Alberini’s

Training Conferences

Compliance Assistance Conference 2020

Virtual Conference Sept 21st – Oct. 8th, 2020 | More Information


The Builders Association October 2020 Membership Meeting

The Builders Association October 2020 Membership Meeting

The Builders Association of eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania will convene for its next membership meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 7. The meeting will be held at the Avalon Grand Resort in Warren, Ohio and is set to begin at 4:30 p.m. The…

Ohio EPA's Compliance Assistance Conference 2020

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2020 Summer Golf Outing News Flash

The Builders held the Annual Golf Outing at the fabulous Trumbull Country Club this year. Golf teams were greeted with a beautiful day on the links complemented by sunshine and clear skies. This outstanding golf outing provided a great…
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Covid-19 Update

The Ohio Department of Health issued mandatory requirements for face coverings in certain high-risk counties.  Trumbull County is one of the counties included in the initial order. Please use the following link to view the actual order: …

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Builders Association Membership Elects 2019 Officers

At its 49th annual business meeting on December 6, members of the Builders Association elected the organization’s 2019 officers and executive committee members. This group of local construction industry veterans will all serve a one-year…

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