The Builders held the Annual Golf Outing at the fabulous Trumbull Country Club this year. Golf teams were greeted with a beautiful day on the links complemented by sunshine and clear skies.

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How To Choose The Right General Contractor

If you’ve ever been involved with a commercial construction project, you can probably appreciate the important role of a commercial general contractor. Whether you’re renovating an office building or planning a new construction facility, the right contractor can make all the difference.

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As a business owner or project manager, you don’t want to spend countless hours studying building codes and zoning regulations, or chasing down permits throughout the various stages of construction. That’s where the general contractor comes in. Their job is to oversee and coordinate the wide range of tasks and responsibilities required for the successful completion of the project.
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The Ohio Department of Health issued mandatory requirements for face coverings in certain high-risk counties.  Trumbull County is one of the counties included in the initial order.

Please use the following link to view the actual order:   

As a result of the Order, The Builders will be adhering to the requirements and anyone entering our Office building will be required to wear a face covering.


The Benefits Of Using Union Contractors: Finding The Best

When you think of hiring contractors for a project, labor costs and time to completion are likely your top concerns. However, there’s so much more to it!

While navigating the process of finding qualified contractors, it’s important to look beyond cost and time to some more qualitative aspects. Do non-union craftsmen have the background needed to do the job correctly (and safely)? If you’re not careful, you could be in for a world of headache. 

By comparison, union labor provides a guaranteed way to get quality work for your project.

There are real benefits to hiring union contractors; you get the best trained, most safety-minded workers in the industry who complete regular continuing education and continuously update their skills. But wait…there’s more!

Specialized Training

The Mahoning Valley area benefits from having a vast majority of specialized union construction trades. Employees of the construction trades belong to a locally organized and often internationally recognized trade union. The unions have state and nationally recognized apprenticeship programs that regulate the required education and hands-on training of its craftspeople, and apprenticeship programs are oftentimes the same length as a bachelors degree in regard to time to complete. 

Having a union ensures that only experts are on the job site, and while you might not have realized it, many specialty areas exist within union construction trades. The crafts within this diverse trade include the following:

  • Carpenters
  • Operating Engineers
  • Bricklayers
  • Plumber Pipe Fitters
  • Electricians
  • Cement Masons/Plasterers 
  • Roofers
  • Sheet Metal 
  • Laborers
  • Asbestos Workers
  • Insulators
  • Tile, Marble and Terrazzo Setters
  • Painters
  • Drywall Finishers
  • Teamsters
  • Ironworkers
  • Glaziers


Using professionals for your construction project provides you with the highest quality of work from your building’s foundation to its finishing touches. Foremen and supervisors also typically receive special training upon completing their initial training and work hands-on for a significant amount of time before elevating through the ranks.

Experience in Professional Situations

Around the world, union construction professionals help craft breathtaking structures, like schools, bridges and so much more. Using an experienced union contractor for your construction project provides a multitude of benefits:

  • Work getting done right the first time.
  • Utilization of high-quality tools.
  • Use of all the appropriate materials necessary for your project.
  • Unparalleled knowledge and skills to translate your project blueprints into reality.
  • Time savings, thanks to training, capabilities and experience (which translate to efficiency on the job; union contractors stick to your schedule).
  • Expertise and experience that provides peace of mind knowing your project is being built with the highest quality work, tools and materials. 

Union Contractors Bring A Higher Level of Artistry 

The basis of any commercial building begins with the foundation and works up to the girders, the framing and the drywall. But the intricate skills used to create a professional building also includes things like the cabinetry, marble and custom finish work. The detailed work on these areas and many others in a commercial building are the work of master crafters who are often union contractors. 

Union Work Is Perfect For Repair And Restoration

These highly trained, talented craftspeople also specialize in restoration. Skilled construction trades can help with building restoration and remodeling. Whether you want to return an 80-year old building to its original glory or you want to update an old building to something more modern, union contractors can do it.

Rather than having inexperienced trades work on a repair or restoration project, many organizations opt to save time (and money) by hiring a union contractor. Doing so helps avoid additional damage to the project because these men and women know how to fix things correctly on the first go.

Restoration, especially historical restoration, requires specialized tools and knowledge. Union contractors have access to these specialized tools and equipment for proper restoration, and also have the professional training necessary to handle this kind of work. 

Along with that, many union contractors have built working relationships with other professionals (such as architects, etc). These close-knit partnerships allow a higher level of work that goes beyond construction and achieves artistry and true craftsmanship. 

Unique Business Benefits 

Beyond their expertise and experience, hiring union labor provides many other benefits, too. This is particularly true for businesses. In the B2B landscape, you improve your project’s safety, labor relations and your company’s public relations by using union contractors.

Using union contractors enhances the safety levels on your project because the unions regularly focus on health and safety training. Union contractors adhere to the highest safety standards, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety standards and regulatory compliance. 

Broker agreements with the workers on building construction or remodeling projects are not needed on union projects because the union handles labor relations. Unions maintain a buffer between your business and the craft’s tradesperson, so if an issue does arise, the union takes care of it (which leaves you more time to concentrate on business as usual). 

Hiring union contractors is a great public relation move because the utilization of the most highly trained, safest workers in your community says good things about you and your business. (Due to their high quality of work and ability to keep projects moving on schedule, many government agencies require hiring union labor on contracts they award.) 

Most importantly, when you hire local union trades, you are “keeping it local.” These people often live in your community, shop in your stores and play with their children in your parks. Their families are the future of our area and support many local projects and activities in our region

Find A Union Contractor In Eastern OH And Western PA Today

With so many reasons to hire union contractors, why wait? Whether you need to build an office complex, school or hospital, your local union contractors can help. Check out our directory today to find the team you need for your next project, whether you’re in eastern Ohio or western Pennsylvania. We look forward to working with you!

At its 49th annual business meeting on December 6, members of the Builders Association elected the organization’s 2019 officers and executive committee members. This group of local construction industry veterans will all serve a one-year term:

President: Sam Boak, President, Boak & Sons, Inc. of Austintown, Ohio

Sam Boak launched his own insulation contracting company in 1974, when he was just 18 years old. With the high-energy costs of the late 70’s, Sam recognized the need for a roofing business that offered an economical way to install a new roof by using cutting-edge technology and equipment, so that the customer could recoup their costs in energy savings. Still more products and services were added in the 80’s.

Today, Boak & Sons, Inc., based in Austintown, Ohio, has 180 employees who service both commercial and residential customers for roofing, insulation, sheet metal, windows, siding, and gutters. The company has grown to its present size and stature with the help of loyal employees, honesty and the reputation for doing a job right for a fair price.

A resident of Canfield, Ohio, Sam Boak is an exceptional son, husband, grandfather, friend and mentor. He and his wife, Donna, make it their priority to give back to the community.

Sam has served on the Canfield City Council, the board of the Canfield Historical Society, as president of the Canfield Rotary, the Austintown Rotary and the Home Builders Association. He also serves on the Board of the YMCA and is involved with the local Food Pantry, Mission of Love, clothing drives, Palm Sunday Pancake breakfast and the Fly The Flag program. He has made substantial donations to the local War Vet Museum, and for more than a decade, Sam has provided a 4th of July fireworks show for the city of Canfield.

His warmth and generosity also keeps children warm during the winter when he donates coats to kids in the area that are in need. Sam also feels it is important to “pay it forward” and spread the work of God. Boak is a member of the Canfield Presbyterian Church where he donates Lilly plants for all congregational members to take home after Easter Sunday. The purpose of this is for the church member to give the plant to another person on Easter.

Sam has two daughters and two grandchildren that he & Donna love to spoil!

Additional Members Elected as Officers

1st Vice President: Bob Donatelli, President, Donatelli Electric of Sharpsville, PA. Home: Sharpsville, PA

2nd Vice President: Tony Hufford, Vice President, Pro-Tec Roofing, Inc. of Lordstown, OH. Home: Newton Falls, OH

3rd Vice President: Scott Froelich, Vice President, TEMA Roofing Services of Girard, OH. Home: Poland, OH

Treasurer: Mark Zeidenstein, Corporate Secretary, L. Calvin Jones & Company of Canfield, OH. Home: Boardman, OH

Past President:  Jeff Donatelli, Assistant Director of Operations, Donatelli Electric of Sharpsville, PA. Home: Sharpsville, PA

Executive Vice President: Kevin Reilly, Executive Vice President of The Builders Association of Eastern Ohio and Western PA, based in Vienna, OH. Home: Mineral Ridge, OH

2019 Executive Committee Members

Rob Cambell               Ken DiPanfilo                         John Handerhan                      Bill Petro

Dave Collins               Brian Downie                          Jerry Harper                           Jason Santini

Bob Daloise                Randy Giangiuli                      George Johnson                      Jim Santini

Joe DeSalvo                Harry Grafton                         Jeff Mason                              Ed Stevens

Jerry Zreliak

Also – please view this interview of Builders Association Executive VP, Kevin Reilly by the Youngstown Business Journal:

For a photo album of the event, visit our Facebook page @TheBuildersOnline

Our region’s future in construction went head-to-head in the 10th Annual Builders Association Construction Estimating Competition.

Months of mentoring and practice paid off on Friday, March 22, when 18 Youngstown State University civil and construction engineering technology students demonstrated what they’ve learned about their industry in school and from their industry mentors. Three teams will create a real-life construction bid submission for an actual building project that was built by a member of The Builders.


Materials were distributed at 8 a.m. and a pre-bid meeting at 9 a.m. kicked off the day. Each team analyzed plans and specs, a partially complete bid worksheet, labor costs and unit costs, and then created a complete written estimate. The packet included items such as takeoffs, pricing, and quote sheets, and was submitted by 3 p.m.


A judging panel of Builders Association Members  interviewed each team and reviewed bids. The team that most accurately completed the entire bid as compared to the real-life bid was declared the 2019 Competition Champions. This year’s judges are:

 ·      Dan Terreri, Daniel A. Terreri & Sons

·      Jim Santini, Jim Santini Builder, Inc.

·       Chris White, Boak & Sons, Inc.

·       Craig Fauvie, ms consultants, inc.




    Mentors, all of whom are members of The Builders Association, have spent many hours with their team to prepare them for the competition. They are:

    ·      Jim Bayer, DeSalvo Construction Co., Inc.

    ·      Jason Gibson, Jack Gibson Construction Company

    2018 winner

    ·      Ed Stevens, Stevens Masonry Construction, Inc.

    ·      Chris White, Boak & Sons, Inc.

    ·      Joe DeSalvo, DeSalvo Construction Co., Inc.

    ·      Kyle Leonard, Imperial Glazing Concepts, Inc.

    ·      Craig Fauvie, ms consultants, inc.

    ·      Tom Elliot, International Masonry Institute

    ·      Ryan Hively, Hively Construction Company, Inc.

    Student participants are:

    Team 1:

    Jr. Stephen Brown, Youngstown, OH

    Sr. Maria Katsadas, Poland, OH

    Sr. Jarius Pettis, Youngstown, OH

    Sr. Areli Davis, Youngstown, OH

    Sr. Mark Gotham, Youngstown, OH

    Jr. Krystal Costar, Cleveland, OH

    Team 2:

    Sr. Hope Hrabowy, Youngstown, OH

    Jr. Johnah Hrabowy, Hubbard, OH

    Sr. Joseph Strait, North Jackson, OH

    Jr. Zak Nunisto, Kingsville, OH

    Sr. D’Angelo Rayford, Haymarket, OH

    Jr. Brett Pontius, Struthers, OH

    Team 3: 10th annual Winner

    Sr. Alan Slavic, Struthers, OH

    Sr. James Garnet, Girard, OH

    Sr. Jake Dawson, Canfield, OH

    So. Carmen Furillo, Brookfield, OH

    Jr. Jordan Cravener, Verona, OH

    Sr. Darko Jurkovic, Allison Park, Pa

    Each year, The Builders awards scholarships to YSU students who are studying for a career in construction. At the 2008 award ceremony, scholarship recipients expressed a desire to work on an actual building project, and The Builders created the event in response to the request.

    March Membership Meeting Provides Educational Opportunities

    The first membership meeting of 2019 was held on March 6, 2019 at the Tippecanoe Country Club. Members in attendance were provided a great educational opportunity about Effectively Managing Risk in Construction Contracts. The presenter Lori Wisniewski Azzara from the Cohen, Seglias, Pallas, Greenhall and Furman Law Firm presented the following topics:

    • Public verse Private Contracts.
    • Types of contracts; Purchase Order, Standard Form and Company Form.
    • Non-Standard Contracts
    • Important Contract Provisions
    • Integration Clauses
    • Incorporation by Reference
    • Retainage
    • Paid if Paid
    • Paid when Paid
    • Claims and Notices
    • Default and Termination (For cause or for convenience)


    During the Membership meeting Co-presenters Randy Seitz from Penn Northwest and Sara Boyarko from The Regional Chamber spoke about economic development in Mercer County and the Mahoning Valley. Randy shared his agencies plan on recruiting new company owners to the area and touched base on the 1500-2000 job fulfillment center at the I-80/Rt 19 interchange. Sara shared The Chambers strategy for bringing in new companies to the Mahoning Valley along with 2018 success stories and potential Brown Field and Green Field developmental areas for future projects. Members had the opportunity to ask questions about what was presented, and the presenters answered for their respective areas. Randy Seitz emphasized that while the Penn Northwest and The Regional Chamber have their own areas to promote economic development, they often will work together to help bring companies into the area.

    If you would like a copy of Lori Azzarra’s presentation, please contact Gary Hartman at The Builders and he will arrange to get a copy to you for review.


    We look forward to seeing you at the next Membership meeting which will be held at the Lake Club on May 8, 2019. Plan on getting in a round of Golf prior to the Membership Meeting

    The OSHA 300-A form Summary of Work Related Injuries & Illness should be posted from February 1 through April 30. The posting should be at each establishment that you may have and should be posted where notices are normally placed for that establishment. Specific information regarding the posting requirements and copies of the record-keeping forms are available at

    2019 safety conference

    Mark your calendars and make plans to attend the 2019 Ohio Safety Congress & Expo, set for March 6-8 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Hosted by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, this free event is the largest and longest-running regional occupational safety, health and workers’ compensation conference in the United States.

    Last year, more than 8,000 representatives from Ohio businesses and government attended. This year, the conference is expected to welcome even more participants and will feature a new product showcase, continuing education, industry keynote speakers and the BWC rebate program credit.

    2018 Jeffrey Donatelli & 2019 President Sam Boak

    Nearly 60 members of the Builders Association gathered recently at the Association’s Party After the Party to thank outgoing 2018 President Jeffery Donatelli, Assistant Director of Operations for Donatelli Electric and welcome incoming 2019 President Sam Boak, Owner of Boak and Sons Inc.  Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Scott Froelich, Vice President of TEMA Roofing Services LLC.

    To view a photo album of this event, click here.