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Mack Industries, Inc.

Contact: Curt Benner

Mack Industries has been making quality precast concrete products since 1932. We provide a broad range of concrete products and services.

Mack Industries originated in Valley City, Ohio. Under the direction of three generations of the Mack family, the company continues to grow in size & scope. Mack has several plant locations and extends its sales to cover a multi-state area including: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. Teamwork is what built the Mack group of companies.

Mack sales, estimating and engineering provide experience, knowledge, design and economical solutions. Our production capacity, multiple locations, and diverse product line allow us to handle a wide range of projects. Expert delivery & installation people combined with the right equipment make for a quick and efficient job from start to finish. We work together to create value and to meet the contractors’ needs. We stand behind our products & systems with service and support.

President of Mack Industries, Betsy Mack Nespeca, affirms the Mack company philosophy, “Teamwork demands a positive work attitude, customer driven focus, and commitment to safety, service and quality in everything we do.” We like to extend our teamwork approach to our customers. Working together we design and build, manage and plan, improve and create new opportunities for each other.