Overhead view of active construction site work to redevelop Southern Park Mall.

The Southern Park Mall in Boardman, Ohio has been a staple in the Youngstown community for decades. Over the past several years, the retail landscape has changed, and the Washington Prime Group decided it was time that the Southern Park Mall grew as well.

The expansion includes several new destinations that are experiential for the local community, such as Debartolo Commons and The Bunker. All of these experiences help Southern Park become similar to a town square for the community.

The Boardman Township Trustees came together with the Washington Prime Group to ensure that local labor was at the forefront of the expansion. Watch Part 2 of a two-part video series on the construction of the expansion to the Southern Park Mall in Boardman, Ohio.

To learn more about the companies in this video, please visit:
Washington Prime Group
Boardman Township
DeBartolo Commons

Boak & Sons

Santon Electric Co. Inc.

Tervo Masonry

The Bunker

Learn more: https://thebuildersonline.com/