Packard Park in Warren, Ohio by Daniel A. Terreri & Sons, Inc

Many may not have heard of Daniel A. Terreri & Sons, Inc., but their story stretches back four generations in Youngstown. 

In 1950, Daniel A. Terreri, along with his two sons, Joe and Tom, started Daniel A. Terreri & Sons, Incorporated in 1955. Daniel was born in Italy and learned the masonry trade alongside his father, Giuseppe. Initially, the company began exclusively as a masonry contractor. After a few years, the company began to expand its scope of services, as Dan Terreri, grandson of Daniel A. Terreri explains: 

“Grandpa and his sons were bricklayers by trade. They did a lot of masonry and that grew into concrete, carpentry, general contracting…as I came along, I got involved in environmental remediation-type work.”

Amazon facility construction in Akron, Ohio.

Amazon facility construction in Akron, Ohio.

When Dan Terreri started working at the family business, he was at the bottom: sweeping the floors and cleaning the offices. After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering Technology from Youngstown State University, he moved up from labor to management and then finally owner after the passing of his father and uncle. 

Running Toward Change

Dan Terreri emphasizes that Daniel A. Terreri & Sons, Inc. has built its reputation on its willingness to embrace all types of projects. They have never been afraid of tackling something new or different. With so many clients, both large and small, the common thread is that a majority of their business comes from niche projects that other contractors may not be interested in. Dan Terreri elaborates: 

“We work for public entities–universities, cities, counties–but we don’t do their twenty million dollar jobs, we do their half-million, hundred thousand dollar jobs. We like specialty work…when nobody else is interested in it, we get very interested.”

This specialty work includes jobs such as utility tunnel work at the University of Akron, a task that other contractors may avoid. 

Utility tunnel replacement at The University of Akron.

Utility tunnel replacement at The University of Akron.

Their recent projects have ranged from streetscaping projects in New Castle, Pennsylvania and Youngstown, Ohio (a redesign of a street’s appearance and functionality to make it more pedestrian-friendly), to a playground and splash pad project in Aurora, Ohio

Splash pad at Kiwanis-Moore Park, Aurora, Ohio.

Splash pad at Kiwanis-Moore Park, Aurora, Ohio.

Once a Family Business, Now a Two-Family Business

Dan Terreri is proud to have a fourth-generation involved in Daniel A. Terreri & Sons, Inc. with his son, Kyle Terreri. Kyle graduated from Youngstown State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Construction Engineering Technology and an Associate’s Degree in Drafting and Design Technology. Like his father, Kyle worked his way up in the company from labor to management, to Project Manager for the environmental remediation division. Now that Dan Terreri has sold the business, Kyle moved into the position of officer and co-owner. 

Longtime employee Tom Joseph is Kyle’s fellow co-owner and President of Daniel A. Terreri & Sons, Inc. Tom is a graduate of Trumbull Career & Technical Center’s Construction Technology Program and joined Daniel A. Terreri & Sons, Inc. in 2005. A member of Operating Engineers Local 66, he worked his way up through the company, starting in the field before moving up to project supervisor, vice president, and finally president. Tom’s oldest son, Tommy Joseph III, joined Daniel A. Terreri & Sons, Inc. after completing his apprenticeship through the Cement Masons & Plasterers Local 179. Tom’s younger son, Trenton Joseph, plans to apprentice with the company after graduating from Mahoning County Career & Technical Center

Mill Creek Park Recreation Area Splashpad.

Mill Creek Park Recreation Area Splash pad.

The Next 70 Years

For a company to last over 70 years and four generations, it has something other than just capable workers and satisfied clients. As Kyle Terreri puts it: 

“Tenacity. We’ve evolved through the years from the masonry to the concrete to general contracting to environmental remediation…if there’s a project out there, or a piece of a project that is too complicated or undesirable, we tend to be the ones people call to figure it out and make it happen.”

Another great benefit to Daniel A. Terreri & Sons, Inc. has been their involvement with The Builders Association of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, a proud union company. 

Daniel A. Terreri & Sons, Inc. places great value on the Builders Association’s ability to facilitate apprenticeships and build the ranks of skilled labor. 

Even with present labor shortages, Daniel A. Terreri & Sons, Inc. has plenty of jobs lined up and won’t take on more than they can handle. Kyle Terreri is straightforward about the future: 

“If there’s an opportunity that we think suits us and we can execute, that’s where we’re going.”