Youngstown State University- construction

It is common, as the school year progresses, for construction and maintenance projects to be made to ensure the building’s longevity and safety. When the time comes to make repairs to your building, it is important to know the proper steps you should take, so that the job is completed on time and within your budget. Here are some useful tips that you can use to plan your school’s repair project, and make sure that your students, faculty, and administrators have an excellent school year!

Identify the Problem

It seems simple enough, but identifying the area of repair can be quite the challenge if you are not properly prepared. It can be beneficial to contact a general contractor or professional to help you diagnose the problem, and identify the proper course of action.

Select the Proper Contractor

Once the problem and repair plan are identified, the next step is to, of course, select the right contractor for the job. This can be the contractor who helped you initially identify the problem, or a different company with a more specialized expertise. Other factors, such as budget and timeframe, should be considered when selecting a contractor.

Complete Necessary Paperwork

As with most construction projects, there will most likely be paperwork that should be completed before it gets underway. Make sure that all the necessary paperwork has been completed with the contractor, school district, school board, and any other necessary entities that are involved.

Choose a Start Date

Finally, you should have a start date in mind that works for both the school and the contractor. Larger, more involved projects will naturally require more time, so these are best saved for the extended summer break when students will not be in the building for class. Quick repairs can be done during shorter breaks, such as Christmas vacation. Either way, it is important to know what type of project will be taking place so that all necessary parties can plan properly.

Identifying and planning a school repair or maintenance project can be stressful and time-consuming; however, if you start with these steps in mind, the process can go much smoother, ensuring a successful school year. If you would like more information or assistance on your next school project, contact us at (330)-539-6050, or visit our membership directory to find a contractor.